Excellent Ambient CD by Anissa and Stéphane Picard

Ecliptic Flare

Artist: Integrated
Album Title: Ecliptic Flare
Remix by: Ruzina Frankulin


Integrated CD Ecliptic Flare

Ambient music



Integrated was founded when Stephane Picard and Anissa Picard would start producing together in 2007. They immediately realized that they had an enticing connection when composing together. Anissa Picard was once the Co-Executive of Starbaby Records from 1999-2001. Working with artists such as John Tejada, Fabrice Lig, Dan Curtin, Morgan Geist, Titonton Duvante, Rue East, Arne Weinberg and Ruzina Frankulin, she was strongly influenced by their style of music. Being from the Midwest, Anissa clearly has a background of Detroit techno sounds along with melodic tones and mesmerizing rhythms.

Stephane Picard, born in Paris, France in 1973, also known as DJ ACE ACTIVA, started djing in 1992. Later Stephane was highly respected as an event organizer and an artistic director in France. He began playing in the international scene and producing his own music in 1995. Influenced at a young age by his fathers disco records, such as Cerone and Space, and at a later age with various different styles such as funk and hip hop, Stephane makes it evident with his funky instrumental beats and dynamic groove.

Ruzina Frankulin aka Tonci Bakotin, is a Croatian musician in the field of electronic music. He began studying classical music during his adolescent years and afterwards, in mid 90s, he became the guitarist of the industrial noise electro-ambient music band Zidar Betonsky of Croatia. His first international release, Electroblue (Starbaby Records, USA/FR, 2002.), brought him much international recognition by a number of reviewers. His music was described as a fat, fuzzy, quartzy, highly synthetic sound that is bumped along by chunky, restless drum patterns that sit in the exact midpoint between electro and early drum-n-bass.

The debut album by Integrated wishes to step back in time and remind everyone of this creative style which housed a rich interface of senses and emotions. Their album is quite a unique mixture of both beautiful ambient and electronic music tracks that display intricate melodies and a complex overlay of rhythms. Their music definitely transcribes a story; one that takes you on a fascinating aural experience, immersing you in a celestial atmosphere.

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