This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is profile-pic_picard_a-final.jpgFrom a very young age, I always wanted to help others feel content. I grew up in a family that owned and operated a funeral home and had many opportunities to see others dealing with grief. It allowed me to cultivate a deep compassion for those who were grieving.

As I grew older, becoming a funeral director didn’t become my first career choice. I decided to study at The Ohio State University to receive my Bachelor’s in the Science of Education. I was passionate about the French language and decided to become a French teacher. 

In 2001, I began studying holistic healing techniques and meditation after being introduced to it in Croatia while living overseas. After relocating to California, I began to study meditation with Theravada Buddhist monks and presently teach meditation to others. I then studied Reiki in California for 4 years and decided to become a Certified Master Teacher.

In 2010, I began a career as a State Tested Nurse Aid and worked in nursing homes and with home health agencies. While working in nursing, I found myself compelled to help the dying, as well as the grieving and often found myself doing so naturally. I sat with the dying and felt completely comfortable in doing so.
Years later I began volunteering with Valley Hospice and the Living/Dying Project.

I decided to complete my training as a Certified End-of-Life Doula  with the International Association of Professions Career College and with the Lifespan Doula Association; also becoming a Certified Master Grief Coach by studying with Cathy Cheshire, LLC, I now feel ready to begin a new stage in my life where I may integrate my knowledge and skills in order to help others heal on multiple levels.

It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to be a human being on this planet. It is quite normal to grieve and also to die, but not to unpack your bags in the land of sorrow. Allow me to listen to you compassionately and to give you the tools you need to continue your life journey, whether it is as you’re ending this life and transitioning to the next or as a grieving person, as you heal and put the pieces back together. 


*I have recently started working with Nebo D. Lukovich, founder of the Reintegration System, Serbian born author of several articles and books. Please check out his website and see what he has to offer at We are both here to help humanity!

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